Josep Plaza creates more than twenty- five years Plaza Disseny. Company dedicated to the design, construction and implementation of integrated projects, internal and external, in private and public sector.

Plaza Disseny
provides with a multidisciplinary team, address the complexity of the practice of project conducting and providing comprehensive advisory services, previous studies, drafts, direction and execution of works in all areas of architecture , both, interior and exterior.

" From a very young age I have been interested in creating and understanding the space in a special way "

Josep Plaza, with heterogeneous training, obtain the diploma in Landscaping and did diferent studies related with Architecture and Art, specializing in Japanese landscaping. He was student of the following teachers Gabriela Vargas, Josep Civit and Mariano A.Vilella, among others. He studied at the School of Art and Crafts in Barcelona. Interior Design High School.
His first works date from 1987, when he made his first project as a designer. Since then his career has developed independently collaborating with designers, architects, etc. He has works in different parts of Spain, as well as in Brasil, Morroco and USA.

Josep Plaza, Barcelona 1964. Artistic biografphy

• School of Arts and Crafts of Barcelona, sculpture specialty.
• High School of Landscaping, Barcelona.
• School of Arts and Crafts of Barcelona, studies drawing, painting and engraving.
• School of Design and Floral Art of Cataluña.
• Urban desing and Japanese art.
• Studies of interior design, urban design and photography.
• Lessons with artists Josep Civit G. and Mariano A. Vilella.
• Contributor with the sculptor Xavier Corberó.

Exhibitions and others interventions:

• First Prize in Fast Painting, Esplugues de Ll. 1978.
• First Prize in Painting, Salar, Granada 1980.
• Biennal International Iberflora, Valencia 1987.
• Design and Construction of Floral carpets, Sant Just Desvern, 1990-1992.
• Work in Casa Decor Exterior, Barcelona 2000, with the work Zen.
• Setting-up, “Relax”, Sant Just Desvern, 2003.
• Work in the Forum of Cultures, Barcelona 2004, with the work Zen.
• Setting-up, “Gènesi”, Sant Just Desvern, 2005.
• Setting-up, “Homes de camp”, Sant Just Desvern, 2007.
• Work in Casa Decor Interior, Barcelona 2007.
• Xl award Francesc Galí, selected, Barcelona 2007.
• Xll award Francesc Galí, selected, Barcelona 2008.
• Gallery Espai 0, Barcelona 2008.
• Xlll award sculpture Pere Jou, selected, Sitges 2009.
• First Prize, setting-up tribute to Darwin, Barcelona 2009.
• First Prize of sculpture XIV Pere Jou, Sitges 2010.

Exhibitions and others interventions:

• Exhibition of sculpture XIV Pere Jou, Sitges 2010.
• Collective exhibition Castellet de Foix, 2010.
• Collective exhibition “Intimitats”, Gornal, 2010.
• Collective exhibition “Camins”, Santa Susanna, 2010.
• X International Exhibition, “De Deslectures” MX Espai, Barcelona 2010.
• Prize of sculpture Josep Campeny, finalist, Igualada 2010.
• Contributor with the artist Jerónimo Hagerman, “Murals”, Fundació Miró, Barcelona 2010.
• Collective exhibition, tribute to the artist Mariano Andrés Vilella, Rubí 2011.
• Exhibition of selected mockups, tribute to the Poet Miguel Hernández, Orihuela 2011.
• XV sculpture award, Pere Jou, selected, Sitges 2011.
• Sculpture prize Josep Campeny, finalist, Igualada 2011.
• XI International Exhinition, “Identitat, autobiografia i auto narratives” MX Espai, Barcelona 2011.
• Contributor with Creart, Gallery Setba, Tribute the poet Miguel Hernández, Barcelona 2010.
• Contributor with Creart, Project “Escolta”, Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona 2011.
• With the group 8Art Gravat, work “Fusta us llapis” a Arts Libris 2012, Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona.
• With the group 8Art Gravat, work “Fusta us llapis” in Escola d’Art del Treball, Barcelona 2012.
• International Exhibition, “Identitat, autobiografia i auto narratives” MX Espai, Belfast ,
North of Irland, 2012.
• Finalist, sculpture prize Fundació Vila Casas, Palafrugell, Girona, 2012.
• Contributor with the artist Mona Hatoum, Fundació Miró, Barcelona, 2012.
• XVl sculpture prize, Pere Jou, selected, Sitges 2012.
• XXVll Biennal sculpture, Jacinto Higueras, Santisteban del Puerto, Jaén, 2012.
• Exhibitions of collective prints “Misteri”, school of Arts and Crafts of Barcelona, 2012.
• With the group 8Art Gravat, work “Pedra, paper, tisores” a Arts Libris 2013, Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona.
• With the group 8Art Gravat, obra “Pedra, paper, tisores” in School of Art Work, Barcelona 2013.
• Exhibition “Secrets”, Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona, 2013.
• XVll sculpture prize, Pere Jou, selected, Sitges 2013.
• Decorate of the play “Actrius”, Barcelona 2014.
• Setting-up, “Somni d´un passat”, Sant Just, 2014.

I like to think in a garden, as if it is sculpt the space, one beginning; there is a jump to another level of experience scuptorical, an experience of space, total sculpture, beyond the individual sculptures. A man can enter into this space, is as his scale, it is real. An empty space has no meaning or visual dimension. Scale and meaning enter when is introduced any object or line deliberately. Is for this reason that sculptures, or rather sculptural objects, creates space. Its function is illusionary. The size and shape of each element is completely relative to all the others and the space given. What would be incomplete objects as sculptural entities are significant as a group. These sculptures are what I call, a Garden, for lack of a better name.

Isamu Noguchi, (1904-1988)
Sculptor and creator of gardens

The fighting spirit of Josep Plaza is reflected in the curve, always upward, from his career, including the last presentation of his work.

Those who already known the artistic creativity of Josep Plaza, they will observe that the visual vocabulary of the author, it feels a renewed consciousness.

Those who still no haven’t circulate for his accurate ways of artistic accomplishment, they will be pleasantly surprised.

In his career, with the domination of the materials, is demonstrated the rigour and the good job achieved over time, creates a constant renewal of a start of fresh air, new way of subtle geometry, created with the security of a conceptual maturity that drives him for a way of pure rhythm between verticality and horizontal volumes designed with pure lines and secure.

Josep Plaza is one of those artists that forced you to observe his career. Nobody will leave disappointed; as always keeps his good performance, where discipline and built elements make a deep profile in his investigation of forms.

Carme Villà
Graduated in Art
September of 2013

Plaza Disseny makes integral projects of decoration, both internal and external, defining a unique and personalized desing, combining with balance, the use of natural materials and latest generation. Having industrial materials to carry out his work.
We bet on fresh and actual design that fits the profile of our clients, considering the needs of each of them, using new technologies, automation, renewable energies, creating sustainable spaces, based on the nature, studies geo-friendly and Feng Shui, with the result of a work made to mesure and completely personal and contemporary.
Creating spaces and special places, where the spirit and the mind dwells enjoyment, rest and contemplation of houses, gardens, terraces and balconies, more sustainables, with lighting systems for better energy savings and playing with shadows to highlight its own volume of space. Saving water, collecting sewage and rain, providing with irrigation systems of the latest generation for better savings and better irrigation.
Vegetables elements better adapted to the needs of the site and type of climate, to get better results, playing with natural materials and contemporary to create a unique and harmonious spaces.
For a while, the trend of mini pools open the way into the market of the pond equipped for swimm. Everyone wants a pool, this desire is laudable concerning the advantages that offers: a time of rest, relaxation and meditation spaces, etc
Not everyone has 500m2 to build a pool, we design and we adapt to any space terrace garden, Spa area, etc. if they allow, with all the necessary equipment for better maintenance and enjoyment.
“ I understand the garden as a work of art, as a transition space between the interior, framed by architecture and the infinite exterior space of the landscape .”
Sculpture Work Graphic and Pictorial Work Setting-Up Photographic Work Jewelry

... I express my concerns, in search of the human mind.
... In positive, or negative, where inhabited the presence, the absence, the complementarity, contrasts, the affinities... I try, with all of this and more, transmit, with the strength of conviction, emotions and concerns that the situation develops and is translated in matters to be simplified...
Always in each of them... Always reborn again and again the transparencies... Always resurgence of the complexity of the investigation into the long-awaited simplification. I try to transmit with strength, emotions and concerns, simplifying and looking into the matter, always in each of them, always for first time, breathable to complexities in the purity of forms and lightness volumes… In conclusion, the union of human with the nature of forms.

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Sculpture Work

"I understand that an artist is someone,
that between the silence of others,
use his voice to say something and
has the obligation that not be useless,
but something that lends
to service of the man.”


Graphic and Pictorial Work

" Things are not difficult to do, the difficult thing is to get in the mood to make them. Create like a God, symbol of the body of the king, work as a slave to see now, is one thing, the way is another. What is real is not the external form, is the essence [...] "


“In life, there are small gardens, small paradise, unrepeatable and magical moments, a hand, a flower, a smile, are small spots that we have to preserve, care and defend”.
Photographic Work

Unbound, space and time...
Without keys...
A journey for the sublime kingdom of the Peace, reflection , self discovery...
Tranquility, relaxation, pleasure...
A dream....